how it works

Watch how the tube feeding adapter works ..

Initially we started feedings using the traditional method of pouring the food into the syringe as seen in instructional videos on YouTube and as explained after a feeding tube or button is inserted. We found this method quite messy and cumbersome. Over time and after a variety of attempts, we developed the featured adapter. I will explain the process we follow, but yours may vary slightly.

Prior to first time use


  • Fill the syringe with water
  • Attach the syringe to the tubing, prime, and clamp
  • Fill the Playtex VentAire bottle with the food liquid
  • Secure the adapter to the top of the bottle with the cap


  • Attach the tubing to the inserted/implanted feeding tube
  • Replace the syringe (used to prime with water) with the bottle
  • Unclamp the tubing
  • If you need to increase the flow rate slightly loosen the bottom cap
  • Administer the prescribed amount of food
  • If necessary, more food can be added to the bottle by removing, adding additional food, and replacing the bottom cap.
  • Re-tighten the bottom cap
  • Replace the bottle with the syringe to flush

Clean up:

  • Wash the bottle and device with soap and water
  • Flush the tubing with clean water

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What is the adapter made out of?